DESIGNERS - Vases - Erizo Seis Vase
Vase Erizo Seis Grès Brun Chamotté Vases GoJu Ceramics
Vase Erizo Seis Grès Brun Chamotté Vases GoJu Ceramics
Vase Erizo Seis Grès Brun Chamotté Vases GoJu Ceramics
Vase Erizo Seis Grès Brun Chamotté Vases GoJu Ceramics

Erizo Seis Vase

400 €
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The Erizo Seis vase is handcrafted in stoneware in Montreuil, France. Born from the discovery of nature and craftsmanship by Juliette Godard, creator of Goju Ceramics, during a trip to Mexico, the Erizo Seis vase pays homage to the traditional techniques of Mexican pottery. Its many small handles are a nod to the thorns of the Pochote tree and the hedgehogs spotted at a market in Oaxaca. An ode to nature encapsulated in a unique object.
Materials: Sandstone and raffia
Technique: Modeled by hand
Made in Montreuil, France
Collection: Los Erizos
17cm x 17cm x 24cm
Livraisons & retours
Estimated delivery time: 4-6 weeks
Country of dispatch: France
Delivery costs to France: €10 by Colissimo / €15 by Chronopost Express

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Silence it sews! You can see in Juliette Godard's creations the movement of her hands, the spirit of matter. In love with the combination of materials, the French designer adds the lightness of raffia to ceramics, as she would with knitting yarn.
Trained as a knitwear and jersey designer, Juliette Godard was introduced to clay modeling and founded GoJu in 2019 to rediscover a form of manual and artisanal expression, to reconnect with the know-how and heritage of the clay. The shapes she fashions are organic and comforting, far from the strict and geometric patterns of clothing.

His Los Erizos series of pieces was born from the discovery, in Mexico, of the Pochote tree, with its multiple sacred thorns, as well as real hedgehogs encountered in a market in Oaxaca. Los Erizos come in different coats; raw enamels evoking wooden veins and earths left natural, echoing the ancestral techniques of Mexican pottery.

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