Le Phasme Oeuvres murales Manon Daviet
Le Phasme Oeuvres murales Manon Daviet
Le Phasme Oeuvres murales Manon Daviet

Le Phasme

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The wall tapestry Le Phasme was handmade by Manon Daviet using several techniques: tufting, knitting, crochet and knotted stitches. In her studio in Paris, the French artist creates narrative pieces that tell of the beauty, mysticism and diversity of nature through fascinating, sometimes intriguing illustrations and color schemes. Le Phasme will bring a unique touch to your interior, starting many a conversation.
Materials: Wool
Technique: Tufted, knitted, crocheted and knotted by hand
Made in Paris
50cm x 50cm x 4cm
Livraisons & retours
Estimated delivery time: 1-2 weeks
Country of dispatch: France
Delivery costs to France: €25 by Colissimo / €40 by Chronopost Express

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Manon Daviet

The discovery of nature, its history and its diversity never ceases to inspire Manon Daviet. Carried by a vegetal poetry and by the mysteries of the cosmos, the designer gives to see the beauty and the mysticism of the surrounding world through wall tapestries that come together by using several techniques like knitting, embroidery, crochet, tufting.

Trained in space design and then in fashion and environment at the Duperré school, Manon Daviet is a textile artist based in Paris whose craft sits between art and design. Her inspirations come from her personal memories, from painting (naive, fauvist, surrealist) as well as from animalist nature books, which she collects. Her compositions, often very frontal, are dressed by the play of textures and reliefs which give an immersive dimension to her works and weave the thread of a resolutely innovative textile art. For each of her creations, Manon Daviet weaves the thread of an innovative textile art that synthesizes the form to retranscribe its fantasized nature with meticulousness and fantasy.

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