Portraits in medallions at the bottom of an ashtray, fleeting silhouettes, chases around a pitcher... Lily Bonnet imagines delicate ceramics with rustic and picturesque illustrations that evoke the ceramics of yesteryear. Her pieces are made of smooth white stoneware, sometimes modeled, sometimes hand-turned, and are a support for her illustrations inspired by fauna and flora. Unique pieces or small series that she paints raw, with colored slips, fired and then glazed in transparent gloss before a second firing.

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Alissa Volchkova


Alissa Volchkova finds beauty in irregularity and imperfection. Alissa is a Franco-Russian designer and artist based in Paris. By transcending delicate and precious materials such as glass, crystal or porcelain, she disrupts and reveals the uniqueness of materials by transforming them. An interview to discover here .


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